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Find Powder Coating Machine, Can Making Line Machine, Induction Curing Oven, etc., built adhering to the highest quality standards.

Can making machine, metal can making machine, tin can making machine, powder coating machine, can body welder, NFBS combination machine, induction oven, etc., are some of the products we manufacture. Shantou Kaifu Machinery Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of can-making machines. We develop and manufacture can body production lines and component production lines (bottom/lid) for beverage, food, paint, and aerosol cans.
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With good leadership skills and a good team, we, Shantou Kaifu Machinery Co., Ltd., have made it to the top of our field. Other factors contributing to the efficiency of our organization are:
  • Our team functions at its best to give our firm an edge, globally. Therefore, our experts continually draw on their expertise to produce Powder Coating Machine and Induction Curing Oven.
  • We know that we can improve business productivity by being aware of what customers look for in our range. By focusing on the big picture and then working together to perfect the finer details, we succeed in exporting products that complement exact needs of our clients.
  • Taking us to the top is also our way of offering products at reasonable prices to our clients. We know that pricing is something that heavily influences product sales, especially when products sold are of high quality. Therefore, regardless of our products being of the best standards, we make sure we sell everything at affordable prices.
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Our Team

A functional and strong team can do wonders for any business. Especially for a globally famed trading enterprise like ours, it is crucial that we focus on improving team dynamics and synergies under various circumstances.

Policy of Open Communication

We know that company-client relations thrive on open communication. This is the reason we maintain openness, fairness and active participation to build satisfactory relations with all our clients.

Future Plans

We have always optimized available resources to meet deadlines and deliver the best models of Induction Curing Oven, Powder Coating Machine, etc., to our clients.

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